Obtenir son bachelor à ILEC
Plus d'informations

  • Durée des études
  • One year including mandatory work placements
  • Niveau requis
  • A level +2
  • Conditions d'inscription
  • Examen du dossier et entretion d'évaluation
  • Conditions d'accès
  • Recrutement sur dossier et entretien de motivation - candidature possible tout au long de l'année
  • Type de formation
  • Formation scolaire
BACHELOR The training focused on the development of services related to luxury products, somewhat in the spirit of luxury concierge.


The BACHELOR is an international diploma offering equivalences in a great number of universities or schools worldwide.
This training is accredited by E.A.B.H.E.S.
It is aimed at students with a two-year degree ( BTS, DUT, …) and enables third year students to acquire the 60 ECTS credits needed for the Bachelor to be validated.
Indeed the two-year degree students are allocated 120 ECTS credits.
You are also required to take the TOEIC. test.


Module 1 : Sociology & culture of luxury
• Famous fashion & jeweler designers
• Perfumes & cosmetics
• Car
• Luxury sociology

Module 2 : Brand strategies
• Brand management
• Communication strategies
• Brand law & intellectual property

Module 3 : Selling luxury products
• Manners
• Consumer behaviour
• Sales techniques

Module 4 : Luxury & retail
• Implantation
• Visual merchandising
• Management
• Management tools
• Sourcing

Module 5 : English
• Specific vocabulary
• Professional regulation
• Telephone
• Preparation to the TOEIC exam

Module 6 : Taxation
• Gains & losses
• Wealth tax
• Tax exemption

Module 7 : Computer graphics / Advertising creation techniques
• Photoshop
• Indesign

Module 8 : Culture & trends
• Architectural & Design styles
• Pictorial Revolution in the 20th century

Module 9 : Communication
• Basics & techniques of communication
• Communication & professional relationships
• Social networks
• Events

Module 10 : Customer Relationship Management
• Customer service management
• Advanced negotiation

Module 11 : Russian (option)
• Basics for a first contact
• Telephone
• Negotiation

Module 12 : Professional Project & Dissertation
Individual support for the realization of their report oral presentation in front of a jury.

Demande d'informations et dossier de candidature: cliquez ici.

Règlement de l'examen

Epreuves Mode Durée Coeff.
SOCIOLOGIE ET CULTURE DU LUXE Sociology and Luxury Cultureécrit6
STRATEGIE DE MARQUE Brand Strategyécrit6
VENDRE DU LUXE Sale of Luxuryécrit6
LUXE ET RETAIL Luxury and Retailécrit6
CULTURE ET TENDANCES Culture and Trendsécrit4,5
FISCALITE Tax Systemécrit3
INFOGRAPHIE TECHNIQUES DE CREATION PUBLICITAIRE Computer Graphics / Advertising Creation Techniquesécrit3
COMMUNICATION Professionnal Communicationécrit3
CRM MANAGEMENT DE LA RELATION CLIENT Client Relation Managementécrit3
STAGE EN ENTREPRISE Company Internshippratique4,5
PROJET PROFESSIONNEL - MEMOIRE - SOUTENANCE Professional Project - Dissertation - Oral defenseoral6
LANGUE ANGLAISE English Languageoral6
LANGUE RUSSE Russian Languageoral3